I'd love to capture the story of your special day...

What do I do when not working?  – Spending time  with my wife and 3 kids (4 if you count the dog).
I love traveling in nature,  listening to music,  Playing my guitar,  listening to music. going to a nice concert or a movie, and of course… listening to some music.  

I am specialized in wedding photography and fine art photography and I always drawn to tell stories
with photos. 
I had few honorable mentions in some of the leading photography contests
in the world.
My photography style is Artistic, Romantic and Modern. 

My uniqueness – Here at my website you can find  some of the stories I tell with my unique artistic vision, my different perspective  and my use of warm colors.

My goal  is to create harmonic photos that you will love yourself in and that you will enjoy looking at again and again…

If my photos make you feel something,  then let me capture the story of your special day. 
Just contact me via the form below, (or pick up the phone and call me!)